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As of December 31, 2020, the LLHF has awarded approximately $130 million in grants, out of which approximately 250 medical research grants were awarded to major universities and institutions in the State of California. Access the links below for a brief summary of the projects submitted by our outstanding research scientists in both the Aging and Diabetes funding categories.
Title Grant Title Grant ID getGranttype Short Name Item Type
Abstract 2019-D-015-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - COH - Ragadeepthi Tunduguru, PhD - Role of a Novel Inc-RNA-MicroRNA Axis in Promoting Skeletal Muscle Atrophy/Wasting 2019-D-015-FEL Fellowship 2019-d-015-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2018-D-019-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Peter Thompson, PhD - Role of Pancreatic Beta Cell Senescence in the Pathogenesis of Type 1 Diabetes 2018-D-019-FEL Fellowship 2018-d-019-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2018-A-032-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Xiaoyan Guo, PhD - The Mitochondrial Stress Response in Human Cells and its Relevance to Aging 2018-A-032-FEL Fellowship 2018-a-032-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2018-A-028-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Ekaterina Korotkevich, PhD - Evolution of Mitochondrial Genome in Mouse Skeletal Muscle Fibers 2018-A-028-FEL Fellowship 2018-a-028-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2013-D-016-SUP - Abstract Start-Up - UCSF - Biao Wang, PhD - Molecular Mechanisms of Adipose Cell Fate Determination 2013-D-016-SUP Start-Up 2013-d-016-sup-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2013-D-005-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Whitney Purtha, PhD - The role of Aire in the selection of diabetogenic T cells 2013-D-005-FEL Fellowship 2013-d-005-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2012-D-018-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Gaetano Faleo, PhD - Geometric and functional encapsulation of islets for transplantation 2012-D-018-FEL Fellowship 2012-d-018-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2012-D-006-SUP - Abstract Start-Up - UCLA - Sangeeta Dhawan, PhD - Identification of novel epigenetic and signaling targets for promoting beta cell regeneration. 2012-D-006-SUP Start-Up 2012-d-006-sup-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2012-D-005-SUP - Abstract Start-Up - UCSD - Andrew Hinton, PhD - MicroRNAs as markers of developmental competency towards 2012-D-005-SUP Start-Up 2012-d-005-sup-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2012-D-003-SUP - Abstract Start-Up - UCLA - Aleksey Matveyenko, PhD - The Role of Circadian Clock in Regulation of Beta-cell Survival and Function in Diabetes 2012-D-003-SUP Start-Up 2012-d-003-sup-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2012-D-001-SUP - Abstract Start-Up - UCLA - Safia Costes, PhD - Emerging role of p62/Sequestosome-1 in pancreatic beta-cell homeostasis. 2012-D-001-SUP Start-Up 2012-d-001-sup-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2012-A-016-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - John Newman, MD, PhD - Health and lifespan effects of histone deacetylase inhibition by ketone bodies 2012-A-016-FEL Fellowship 2012-a-016-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2012-A-015-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Jennifer Yokoyama, PhD - Novel ways to predict successful and abnormal aging of the brain: The role of compound genetic risk. 2012-A-015-FEL Fellowship 2012-a-015-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2012-A-007-SUP - Abstract Start-Up - UCSD - Chengbiao Wu, PhD - Exploring a Role of HSP90 in Neuroprotection of Axonal Function 2012-A-007-SUP Start-Up 2012-a-007-sup-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2012-A-007-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCLA - Rebecca Nelson, PhD - Investigation of cylindrin as a candidate structure for toxic amyloid oligomers 2012-A-007-FEL Fellowship 2012-a-007-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2012-A-003-SUP - Abstract Start-Up - Buck Institute - Arvind Ramanathan, PhD - Metabolic basis of environmental stress signaling in skeletal muscle 2012-A-003-SUP Start-Up 2012-a-003-sup-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2008-D-030-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - Stanford University - Qing Li, MD, PhD - The Role of Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells in Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus 2008-D-030-FEL Fellowship 2008-d-030-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2008-D-027-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCLA - Safia Costes, PhD - Role of Proteosomal Ubiquitin Pathway in Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Beta Cells 2008-D-027-FEL Fellowship 2008-d-027-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2008-D-018-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - Stanford University - Jonghyeob Lee, PhD - Purification and Expansion of Candidate Human Pancreatic Progenitor Cells 2008-D-018-FEL Fellowship 2008-d-018-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2008-D-017-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Hani Jouihan, PhD - Regulation of Insulin Sensitivity by Macrophage-Specific PGC-1beta 2008-D-017-FEL Fellowship 2008-d-017-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2008-D-012-NET - Abstract Network - UCSF - Ajay Chawla, MD, PhD - The Larry L. Hillblom Center for the Immunobiology of Type 2 Diabetes 2008-D-012-NET Network 2008-d-012-net-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2008-A-023-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - The Palo Alto Institute - Kurt Lucin, PhD - The Effect of Beclin 1 on Neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's Disease and Aging 2008-A-023-FEL Fellowship 2008-a-023-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2008-A-022-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - Stanford University - Dror Sagi, PhD - An Engineering Approach to Increase Lifespan 2008-A-022-FEL Fellowship 2008-a-022-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2008-A-021-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - Stanford University - Rachel Nosheny, PhD - Cholinergic terminal structure and function in Down syndrome 2008-A-021-FEL Fellowship 2008-a-021-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2008-A-020-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Katherine Possin, PhD - Early Markers and Brain Bases of Spatial Impairment in Alpha-synuclein Disorders 2008-A-020-FEL Fellowship 2008-a-020-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2008-A-008-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UC Irvine - Carrie Peltz, PhD - The Examination of Cognitively Impaired but Not Demented Oldest-Old 2008-A-008-FEL Fellowship 2008-a-008-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2008-A-005-SUP - Abstract Start-Up - UCLA - Zhefeng Guo, PhD - Solid-supported EPR: A Novel Approach to Study Beta-Amyloid Structures 2008-A-005-SUP Start-Up 2008-a-005-sup-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2008-A-004-SUP - Abstract Start-Up - UCSD - Subhojit Roy, MD, PhD - Axonal Transport Deficits and Therapeutic Avenues in Alzheimer’s Disease 2008-A-004-SUP Start-Up 2008-a-004-sup-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2008-A-001-CTR - Abstract Center - UCSF - Cynthia Kenyon, PhD (current Hao Li, PhD) - Larry L. Hillblom Center for the Biology of Aging 2008-A-001-CTR Center 2008-a-001-ctr-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2007-D-023-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Daniel Hesselson, PhD - Regulation of Pancreatic Morphogenesis in Zebrafish 2007-D-023-FEL Fellowship 2007-d-023-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2007-D-021-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UC Irvine - Pablo Helguera, PhD - Molecular Mechanisms Associated with Type 2 Diabetes in Down's Syndrome 2007-D-021-FEL Fellowship 2007-d-021-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2007-D-019-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Rachel Friedman, PhD - Interplay of T cells and APCs in Type I Diabetes Onset and Maintainence 2007-D-019-FEL Fellowship 2007-d-019-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2007-D-016-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCSD - Ji Zhang, MD, PhD - Beyond Insulin Secretion: The Role of Mitochondrial Phosphatase PTPMT1 in Diabetes 2007-D-016-FEL Fellowship 2007-d-016-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2007-D-003-NET - Abstract Network - UCLA - Peter C. Butler, MD - Larry L. Hillblom Islet Research Center Network Grant 2007-D-003-NET Network 2007-d-003-net-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2007-A-039-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - Stanford University - Yelena Budovskaya, PhD - Transcriptional Circuit for Aging in C.elegans 2007-A-039-FEL Fellowship 2007-a-039-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2007-A-038-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Geoffrey Kerchner, MD, PhD - Shuffling AMPA Receptors: TARPs and Synaptic Plasticity 2007-A-038-FEL Fellowship 2007-a-038-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2007-A-033-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Hong Xu, PhD - Genetic Dissection of Mitochondrial Calcium Signaling in Neurodegeneration 2007-A-033-FEL Fellowship 2007-a-033-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2007-A-029-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - The Gladstone Institute - Jing-Yi Huang, PhD - Regulation of GST Protein Function by Reversible Acetylation: Role of SIRT3 2007-A-029-FEL Fellowship 2007-a-029-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2007-A-027-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - John Price, PhD - A Mechanistic Study of Infectious Proteins 2007-A-027-FEL Fellowship 2007-a-027-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2007-A-026-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Huidy Shu, MD, PhD - Analysis of Frontotemporal Dementia Genes in Drosophila 2007-A-026-FEL Fellowship 2007-a-026-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2007-A-025-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Quasar Padiath, PhD - Elucidating of the Mechanism of Lamin B1 Dependent Adult Onset Demyelination 2007-A-025-FEL Fellowship 2007-a-025-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2007-A-024-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - The Gladstone Institute - Gaia Skibinski, PhD - Investigating Mutant LRRK2 Toxicity in an In Vitro Neuronal Model 2007-A-024-FEL Fellowship 2007-a-024-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2007-A-019-FEL - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Della David, PhD - The Role of Protein Aggregation in Normal Aging and Neurodegeneration 2007-A-019-FEL Fellowship 2007-a-019-fel-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2007-A-014-SUP - Abstract Start-Up - Stanford University - Isabella Graef, MD - Borrowing Endogenous Protein Surfaces to Inhibit Pathogenic Protein Interactions 2007-A-014-SUP Start-Up 2007-a-014-sup-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2007-A-012-SUP - Abstract Start-Up - UCSF - Yuriy Kirichok, PhD - Molecular Mechanisms Governing Mitochondrial Calcium Uptake 2007-A-012-SUP Start-Up 2007-a-012-sup-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2007-A-011-SUP - Abstract Start-Up - UCSF - Victor Valcour, MD - Cognitive Health and Brain Vulnerability in Aging Insulin Resistant Patients 2007-A-011-SUP Start-Up 2007-a-011-sup-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2007-A-010-SUP - Abstract Start-Up - UCSF - Doug Gould, PhD - Determining Allelic Differences and Cellular Mechanisms in a Novel Model of AMD 2007-A-010-SUP Start-Up 2007-a-010-sup-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2007-A-008-NET - Abstract Network - UCSF - Stanley Prusiner, MD - Diagnosis and Treatment of Age-Dependent Neurodegeneration 2007-A-008-NET Network 2007-a-008-net-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2007-A-007-NET - Abstract Network - UCSD - Laura L. Dugan, MD - Mapping the Redox Biology of Aging 2007-A-007-NET Network 2007-a-007-net-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2007-A-003-NET - Abstract Network - UCSB - Kenneth Kosik, MD - The Pathobiology of Tau Inclusions 2007-A-003-NET Network 2007-a-003-net-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2006/2o - Abstract Start-Up - The Buck Institute - Xianmin Zeng, PhD - The roles of Nurr1 and Pitx3 in dopaminergic differentiation of hESC 2006/2o Start-Up 2006-2o-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2006/2Y - Abstract Fellowship - Stanford University - Xiao Liu, PhD - Analysis of gene expression of aging in C. elegans 2006/2Y Fellowship 2006-2y-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2006/2T - Abstract Fellowship - The Gladstone Institute - Vicente Sancenon, PhD - High-throughput screens in yeast to identify therapies for Parkinson’s disease 2006/2T Fellowship 2006-2t-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2006/2Ln - Abstract Network - UCLA - S. Thomas Carmichael, MD, PhD - The Larry L. Hillblom Foundation Network for Neural Repair After Str 2006/2Ln Network 2006-2ln-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2006/2In - Abstract Network - UCSF - Bruce Miller, MD - A Hillblom Network Program for the Pre-Clinical Identification of Dementia 2006/2In Network 2006-2in-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2006/2Hn - Abstract Network - UCSD - William Mobley, MD, PhD - Exploring The Link Between Increased APP And Neurodegeneration in Down Syndrome 2006/2Hn Network 2006-2hn-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2006/2Gn - Abstract Network - UC Irvine - Charles G. Glabe, PhD - Interaction of amyloid oligomers with membranes: pathogenesis and therapeutics. 2006/2Gn Network 2006-2gn-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2006/2Fn - Abstract Network - The Buck Institute - Gordon J. Lithgow, PhD - Chemical Biology of Aging 2006/2Fn Network 2006-2fn-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2006/1o - Abstract Fellowship - UCLA - Yoshifumi Saisho, MD - Mechanism of ß-cell death in Type 2 Diabetes 2006/1o Fellowship 2006-1o-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2006/1J - Abstract Start-Up - UCSF - Feroz Papa, MD, PhD - Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and Type 2 Diabetes 2006/1J Start-Up 2006-1j-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2006/1Bn - Abstract Network - UCSF - Michael German, MD - The Larry Hillblom Islet Genesis Network 2006/1Bn Network 2006-1bn-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2006/1An - Abstract Network - The Whittier Institute - Alberto Hayek, MD - Mechanisms of Pancreas Development 2006/1An Network 2006-1an-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2005/2Y - Abstract Fellowship - Stanford University - Ke Zhan, PhD - Pathogenetic Mechanisms in Down Syndrome and Alzheimer's Disease 2005/2Y Fellowship 2005-2y-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2005/2U - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Ken Nakamura, MD, PhD - The Real Time Analysis of Synuclein Multimers in Live Cells 2005/2U Fellowship 2005-2u-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2005/2T - Abstract Start-Up - UCSF - William W. Seeley, MD - Anterior Cingulate, Insular and Frontoinsular Vulnerability in FTLD and AD 2005/2T Start-Up 2005-2t-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2005/2F - Abstract Start-Up - UCLA - Linda Ercoli, PhD - Plaque and Tangle PET Imaging in Mild Cognitive Impairment 2005/2F Start-Up 2005-2f-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2005/2BB - Abstract Fellowship - Stanford University - Serge Dumoulin, PhD - Cortical Plasticity and Reading in Age-Related Macular Degeneration 2005/2BB Fellowship 2005-2bb-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2005/1K - Abstract Fellowship - The Scripps Institute - Hong Hua, PhD - Function of BMP4 and Id Proteins in the Expansion of Pancreatic Progenitors 2005/1K Fellowship 2005-1k-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2004/2S - Abstract Fellowship - The Buck Institute - David Madden, PhD - Mechanism of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress-induced Cell Death 2004/2S Fellowship 2004-2s-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2004/2P - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Aimee Kao, MD, PhD - Alpha-synuclein Expression and Aging in C. elegans 2004/2P Fellowship 2004-2p-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2004/2O - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Peichuan Zhang, PhD - Mechanistic Investigation of Aging and Age-related Neurodegeneration in C. elegans 2004/2O Fellowship 2004-2o-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2004/2H - Abstract Fellowship - UCSF - Montserrat Arrasate, PhD - Longitudinal Analysis to Study PolyQ-dependent Death Mechanisms in Specific Neuronal Subpopulations 2004/2H Fellowship 2004-2h-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2003/1MC - Abstract Start-Up - UCLA - Leena Haataja, PhD - The Role of Uncoupling Proteins in Glucose-stimulated Insulin Secretion in Diabetes 2003/1MC Start-Up 2003-1mc-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2003/1B - Abstract Network - UCLA - Peter C. Butler, MD - Larry L. Hillblom Islet Research Center at the University of California, Los Angeles 2003/1B Network 2003-1b-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2003/1A - Abstract Building - UCLA - Peter C. Butler, MD - Larry L. Hillblom Islet Research Center 2003/1A Building 2003-1a-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2002/3G - Abstract Fellowship - UCSD - Magdalena Chechlacz, PhD - The Molecular Basis of Human Mental Retardation 2002/3G Fellowship 2002-3g-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2002/3F - Abstract Clinical - UCSF - Jonathan C. Horton, MD, PhD - Neural Mechanisms of Strabismus 2002/3F Clinical 2002-3f-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2002/3E - Abstract Start-Up - UCSF - Steven P. Miller, MD.CM.FRCP(C) - Brain Injury and Development in Newborns with Congenital Heart Disease 2002/3E Start-Up 2002-3e-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2002/3C - Abstract Network - Stanford University - William Mobley, MD, PhD - Synaptic Structure and Function in Down Syndrome 2002/3C Network 2002-3c-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2002/2O - Abstract Clinical Research - UCLA - Bruce Dobkin, MD - Recovery of Walking in Older Persons After Stroke 2002/2O Clinical Research 2002-2o-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2002/2J - Abstract Start-Up - UCSF - Katherine Rankin, PhD - Neuroanatomy of Behavior Changes in Dementia 2002/2J Start-Up 2002-2j-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2002/2F - Abstract Network - UCSF - Bruce Miller, MD - A Hillblom Network Program for the Pre-Clinical Identification of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Age-Related Dementias 2002/2F Network 2002-2f-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2002/1J - Abstract Start-Up - The Whittier Institute - Charles King, PhD - Proteomics and Endocrine Progenitor Cells 2002/1J Start-Up 2002-1j-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2001/2H - Abstract Fellowship - UCLA - Linda Ercoli, PhD - A Comprehensive Biomedical Model for Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease 2001/2H Fellowship 2001-2h-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2001/2C - Abstract Network - UC Irvine - Charles Glabe, PhD - Interaction of Amyloid Aß and a-synuclein with Membranes - Implications for their Pathogenesis in Alzheimer's and Pa... 2001/2C Network 2001-2c-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2001/1PP - Abstract Fellowship - UCSD - Bjorn Tyrberg, Dr Med Sc - T-cadherin in the Pancreas: Role in Islet Development, Regeneration and the Pathogenesis of Type 2 Diabetes 2001/1PP Fellowship 2001-1pp-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2001/1OO - Abstract Start-Up - USC - Anil Bhushan, PhD - Proliferation and Differentiation of Pancreatic Progenitor Cells 2001/1OO Start-Up 2001-1oo-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2001/1K - Abstract Network - UCSD - Alberto Hayek, MD - Diabetes Mellitus - Induction of Insulin Biosynthesis and Release from Endocrine Progenitor Cells 2001/1K Network 2001-1k-abstract Abstract
Abstract 2001/1H - Abstract Network - The Salk Institute - Inder Verma, PhD - The Larry L. Hillblom Center for Diabetes 2001/1H Network 2001-1h-abstract Abstract

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